Vapor Master E-Juice


Our flavor company has been in business for over 50 years so their flavors are beautifully accurate and contain no Diacetyl , Acetoin, or Sweeteners. They are also FDA approved. Our PG/VG is USP grade FDA approved from an American laboratory. The VG is Certified ORGANIC as well. Our nicotine is NicSelect, sourced from England. They produce 99.999% pure ORGANIC liquid vaping grade nicotine that is FDA approved. Each batch is FDA tested with batch numbers and paperwork that proves authenticity.

The Vapor Master does not believe it is safe or healthy to smoke powdered caffeine or powdered energy blends, so you will never find that in any of our juices. We have the closest you can get to an all ORGANIC and simple, but amazing blend of smoke juice. We strive for perfection and care about your health so the research continues on a daily basis.Come and see why The Vapor Master has grown into the Emerald Coast’s premier Vape Shop